Tried and Tested: Vinegar Makes Nail Polish Last Longer

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Red NailsI’m not sure where I heard about this but I figured I’d give it a try. Apparently, applying a bit of white vinegar to your nails before painting them will make your nail polish last longer.

I decided to test this theory with my red nail polish, which usually lasts about two days before it starts chipping. I put a little vinegar on a cotton pad, gave each of my nails a swipe, painted two coats of red nail polish and finished with a top coat of Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine (as I always do). My nail polish lasted about seven or eight days before it started chipping! For me, I’d say this theory is TRUE AS BOB! Four times longer wear? Yes please! This is definitely going to be a prerequisite before I paint my nails from now on. Vinegar Nail Polish

I have a “buffer and shiner” nail board that I use when I give myself a manicure. The “shiner” side of the board makes my nails look super shiny; as though I’ve put a coat of clear nail polish on. It does this by pulling the oils of my nails to the surface. When I put vinegar on my nails, I noticed the shine disappeared. So I’d assume this theory of vinegar extending the wear of your nail polish works by removing the oils on the surface of your nails to give the nail polish a dryer surface to stick to.

It definitely worked for me – give it a try and let me know if it works for you…

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